Hi there, nice to meet you

I am a art director/designer by trade and a hobbyist. I began my career path in fine arts. As technology evolved, so did my craft. While preserving the basic foundations of art, I translated those principles to the digital world in order to create cohesive designs that solve problems. The design world is changing everyday and it’s very important to keep learning something new.

Currently, I am a associate creative director at Klick.

Gamer & Foodie

I love gaming in my spare time. A recent favorite is Red Dead Redemption 2. I am also a foodie—always seeking new restaurants and recipes to try out.

Hiker & Wanderer

When I’m not gaming or savoring the latest dish, you can find me hiking all around NJ, NY and PA. Two of my favorite hikes are Watkins Glen and Hawk Mountain Sanctuary.

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A few things I’m great at

Below are the programs I have extensive experience in to create designs, illustrations, and motion graphics work.


Website design, photo retouching, mockups


Logos, iconography, branding hallmarks


Brochures, packaging, interactive PDF, forms, letters


Websites, apps, banner ads, prototyping

After Effects

Video, motion graphics


Image editing


Forms, letters




Spreadsheets, Powerpoint charts